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Significance of machining
Time:2020-6-2 11:34:56  Views:5307

In practical application, any kind of product can be arranged for sale and use only after various series of processing and inspection. According to the data, precision machining is one of the most frequently processed products. After all, only mechanical equipment with excellent performance can produce better products. With the development of modern industry, the structure and configuration of machinery has become a focus. Only by constantly improving technology, the future development of various industries will have a greater play.


Precision machining


Precision machining refers to the process of changing the dimension or performance of the workpiece through a kind of mechanical equipment. According to the difference of machining mode, it can be divided into cutting and pressure machining. A mechanical part is composed of several surfaces. To study the relative relationship of the parts' surfaces, a datum must be determined. The datum is the point, line and surface on which the position of other points, lines and surfaces is determined. According to different functions of datum, datum can be divided into design datum and process datum.

Precision machining

The design basis of precision machining is the basis used to determine the position of other points, lines and surfaces on the part drawing, which is called the design basis. The process benchmark of precision machining refers to the benchmark used in the processing and assembly of parts, which is called the process benchmark. According to different purposes, process datum can be divided into assembly datum, measurement datum and positioning datum. 1、 Assembly datum: the datum used to determine the position of a part in an assembly or product during assembly, which is called assembly datum. 2、 Measurement datum: the datum used to check the size and position of the machined surface, which is called the measurement datum. 3、 Positioning datum: the datum used for workpiece positioning during machining, which is called positioning datum. For the surface (or line, point) as the positioning reference, only the rough surface can be selected in the first process. This positioning surface is called the rough reference. In each subsequent process, the machined surface can be used as the positioning reference, and this positioning surface is called the fine reference.

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