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Parts processing operators must know a few common knowledge points!
Time:2020-6-2 11:36:37  Views:1277

This is of course very important, because if the operator has an operation error, it will certainly affect the product quality, so some details of the above problems are very important, so let's understand the following parts processing operators must know what are some common knowledge points?

Processing of non-standard parts

1. Ensure stable and reliable cutting performance

The cutting performance and service life of cutting tools shall be stable and reliable. When machining with CNC machine tools, the tools shall be forced to change at a fixed time or the service life of the tools shall be managed by the control system. The cutting performance and service life of the same batch of CNC tools shall not be significantly different. Frequent shutdown and tool change shall be avoided or a large number of machining workpieces shall be scrapped.

2. Ensure long service life of cutting tools

The cutting tool should have a high life, and the coating tool with high cutting performance and wear resistance should be selected as well as a reasonable selection of cutting parameters.

3. Avoid tool loss

To ensure reliable chip breaking, chip rolling and chip removal, disordered chip system will bring great harm to automatic production, resulting in tool breakage and various factors of varying degrees of wear.

4. Make sure the tool status changes

It can ensure the quick rotation, blade replacement, automatic tool change and other operations.

5. Scientific and reasonable adjustment of tool state

It can quickly and accurately adjust the machining dimension of the tool to the part, the original positioning point of the tool, etc.

Processing of non-standard parts

6. Select tools according to NC characteristics

It is necessary to start from the characteristics of NC machining, order the standardized, serialized and general structure system of NC tools, so as to quickly purchase the appropriate tools.

7. Establish database and management system

A complete database and management system should be established. There are many kinds of NC tools, and the management is complex. It is necessary to automatically identify all tools, memorize their specifications and sizes, store their positions, cut time and remaining life, etc., and then manage the replacement, transportation and pre adjustment of tool sizes.

8. A perfect tool information system

Have a perfect tool assembly, be familiar with the tool presetting, coding identification and recognition system.

9. Monitor tool status at all times

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